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I was approached by this guy in Lynnhaven Mall, in Virginia Beach, VA on Lynnhaven Parkway. He was selling these little devices that makes these electric shocks. Well I was never told there was no refund policy. Isacc stated to me that if you don't like the product you may return product for 100% money back. Well after doing an investigation and reviews on it, I wanted to return the product. Well I first call Isacc on his phone that he provided me, which was disconnected. So I located the store phone number, the man who answered the phone said Isacc was no longer working there. Well it sounded like Isacc himself. Then we told them we don't want the product and we are returning it. Well then the guy said he didn't understand english. He then hung up on me. So I had someone else call in and they hung up on them too. This company which is based in Orlando, FL is nothing but a SCAM. I was able to call the owner and he didn't like getting bothered on his cell phone. Isacc also told me if for any reason the product fails at anytime we can exchange it either at that kiosks or any other store. Well that was nothing but a lie. I investigated this company and found out you have to send product in, with $19.95 so they can ship replacement back to you. If you don't at the 60 day point they will trash the unit. None of this was disclosed at all. The address for this location is:

Pinook USA

I Masage

701 Lynnhaven Parkway #5560

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

757-306-1224/ 757-202-6867

The Corporate office information is:


5247 International Dr #B

Orlando, FL 32819


The owners name is:

Dvir Lev-Ran


This company is nothing but a scam. Buyer BEWARE. Don't get scammed like I did. I did in fact put a dispute with my credit card company, and they are putting a stop to this transaction. Before you buy this please email me:


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Hollywood, Florida, United States #1237342

Same thing happened to me this week.Can't seem to find a phone number.

I have been hung up on twice and my number was put on a blacklist.

I've been calling them from everyone of my friends/family's phones and they just keep sending me to a number that's disconnected.Nobody seems to be in charge and nobody seems to take responsibility.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #1223459

Was it Hidow? Electronic massagers.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1220275

Keeps shocking me like a taser

Houston, Texas, United States #1212697

Tell this complainer he is not shopping at Macy's.It a small company and trying to help your sore points.(it's a micro current device,and it works).Quit your complaining and just use it as directed.

You forced yourself into a bad attitude, so move on buddy !,Your stress on this is why you need it anyway !Get a life!

Houston, Texas, United States #1212686

My son bought me a mini-massager.It's a micro current unit.

I had a over 10 years

It works great each & every time. The electrodes are getting dated, but other that ,its the same unit a chiropractor uses on my back.

Yes, my son bought it in a mall in San Antonio.You complainers need to understand how it works,!Satisfied customer in Texas.!


Horrible quality way over priced.The heating pad exploded and the liquid inside burned my wife's skin.

Law suit in progress.

The shady people that run this operation were no help at all but I will pursue this to the end!Please email me at afarahan@indiana.edu to discuss a possible class action!


I bought a pinook mini messager from a guy at a home show in Medford, Or about two years ago...I paided about $200.00 for it, but got one extra set of pads and the foot reflexology attachment.Yes, I discovered it was not returnable either.

And the salesman disappeared into the vapors when I tried to contact him. But, luckily I have been using the device with success. But the pads have worn out and now I am looking for replacements.

Have seen them in the past on the internet.I am hoping they are still available.


Mine worked, what's the scam?


Just purchase these types of "electric impulsers" at a Home Health Care Outlet. Half the price and WAY better quality.


If the only reason you wanted to return it was because of things you had heard from reviews then it sounds like you don't need it in the first place.This device has kept me off of pain killers for three years and counting.

I use it every day and has yet to let me down. Never buy from a kioske in the mall. If you're interested in something they have to offer, look up the product online and you will most likely not get screwed over in the future.

I bought this unit from a trade show. Loved it!!!

:zzz I suffer from neck and upper back problems, sometimes putting me in pain for a couple weeks at a time. The Chiro I saw after my auto accident had a device like this he used to use on me to manage the pain. It was great!

So when the sales man introduced me to this product, letting me try this for 20 minutes (which at the time I had a tension headache) feeling relief that quickly, I purchased it right away.


I carried this massager with me every where I went in little zipper bag I kept it in. Used the heck out of it for about 6-8 months. Went to use it one day and nothing!!!! It turns out, the window lights up, I can move through the different message settings.

But I get nothing through the pads. My device came with 4 pads, and two wires. I tried using the second wire that I had used before...

Let's just say I'm not happy :( that after spending 110.00 for this device I only had 1/2 year usage!!!

I miss this device though.:cry I am going to look for another device, with the same options but of a different name brand!

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